Why women should enhance their creative energy over the years…

by Sami

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As women, we are often believed to be the more creative of the two sexes.

Yet as we get older, that creative energy seems to get easily squashed.

No longer are we cheered on for our drawings of a boat that actually look more like a horse. Long gone are the cute smiles in our direction for laying on the floor for hours and making outfits for our dolls out of paper. And don’t even think about walking out of the house in a mix of pink & orange polka dot tights with a striped purple dress!

Yes, the same creative things that we were praised for as kids would receive strange glances as an adult. And while some are rightfully so, why can we not still embrace and celebrate the same creative energy behind it?

Just because we become career women, wives & moms does not mean our creativity has to cease. In fact, it should increase! We shine as individuals when we let our creativity come through! Those unique tendencies make us who we are and make us great at what we do, so stifling them only hurts us and in turn, hurts our families.

I, for one, have always been a believer in turning your passion into your work, which is why I now get to be a blogger! I couldn’t decide on just one of my creative pursuits to follow, so I now get to put my writing and performing to use on the computer, on tv and on the radio…all while helping people live a better life on less! I’m constantly inspired by others who are following their dreams and I continue to cultivate my own by bringing my family along on as I spark my creative energy, whether it’s trips across the country or adventures in our own backyard!

I’m curious to know: What has inspired you to grow as a person? By replying you will be entered to win one of two prizes! First Prize: $150 to a Local Spa, plus $50 Gift Certificate to the CerraBoutique. Second Prize: One of Five $100 Gift Certificate to the CerraBoutique.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cerra. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.

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