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Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion: Day 12

Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion Day 12

For the ear tests words
as the tongue tastes food.
Let us discern for ourselves what is right;
let us learn together what is good. – Job 34:3-4

Do you believe when God speaks…

God Speaks

I’m not just asking if you believe God when He speaks, but if you believe God speaks.

For many years, I’d get annoyed when I heard people say, “God told me to do this or that” or even ask me the question, “Well, what did God say to you?”.

Heck, I was still working on being comfortable with lifting my hands up in church!

But then I realized something very important: God doesn’t always speak the way we expect Him to. Yes, sometimes it may be an audible voice (though I’ve never heard Him in this way). Usually, it’s in a voice in my head after I’ve asked a question in prayer and then sat in silence.

But more often than not, it’s in a feeling, a nudge or an instinct that may have been planted long, long before but not revealed until that precise moment.

For God does speak – now one way, now another – though no one perceives it. – Job 33:14

Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion

Day: 12
Scripture: Job 32:1-34:37

You can use this daily Bible reading plan with any Bible, but it’s patterned from NIV Once-A-Day Bible: Chronological Edition (which you can buy by clicking the title or the image below).

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