Our new Sponsored Compassion Kids!

by Sami

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If you recall from last month, we wanted to celebrate Kariss’ 8th birthday in a very unique way…by sponsoring two children from Compassion International (you can read all the details of what lead us to this decision on the Compassion Blog).

Well we finally received our child sponsorship information and got to “meet” our kids for the first time thanks to the welcome kit!


It was extremely important to our kids that we find kids to sponsor that shared their same birthdays. But once we did that, there was little more to go on besides a little bit about their family and where they lived.

So when we received a twenty-three page booklet in the mail that not only shared more about the child, their family environment and country of origin, as well as how we could better communicate with and pray for them, we were thrilled! It finally felt like we could really incorporate them into our family in a meaningful way.

It hasn’t been long since we’ve received our information kit, but the kids have already hung their pictures on the fridge and started praying for them by name daily. We especially appreciate the bookmark that was included that has the child’s picture on one side and a specific prayer request for every day of the month on the other side. I’ve come to realize that not only are these important characteristics to pray over our Compassion child, but equally important to pray over our own children as well.

Because correspondence can take so long between us and them, we’re already planning what we want to do to help them celebrate Christmas and how we can begin to give them a glimpse into our family life. While these children may not be physically here with us, they have already taken root in our hearts and in our home.

It’s even to where Kariss has asked to give her birthday money to Gabrielle and asked how much more money we needed to save to go visit her in Brazil. When watching the Olympics and learning that the next Summer Games are in Rio, Kariss exclaimed, “That’s in Brazil – we can go visit Gabrielle!”

Love her thinking 😉

Have you taken the time to look into sponsoring a child through Compassion International? Just promise me you’ll take time to think about it and maybe click over to see their precious faces…I guarantee you’ll never be the same!

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