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Pantry Solutions for Healthy Eating Plans: Condiments

Thanks for continuing on our pantry solutions for healthy eating plans series. The journey continues in week four with: Condiments.condiments

It’s interesting how many calories are hidden in our condiments. Perhaps worse than the calorie count, according to Jenni Oates (from HealthyOates.com), is what’s on the ingredient list. Not sure what to look for? Then you are DEFINITELY going to want to watch this week’s video (it had me on the floor – literally!

If you missed last week’s video on pasta & rice, be sure to watch it before diving into this week’s video below. These weekly videos will walk you through pantry organization to help you learn what’s hurting your health and replace those with healthy foods to eat!

As a reminder, we’re helping you along the road to healthier eating by examining the following pantry items:
-Canned Goods
-Baking Products

Watch our video below to learn more about how Condiments affect your diet.

Healthy Eating Plans: Condiments

This journey isn’t just about pantry organization, but it’s about healthier eating. I’m glad you’re sticking with us as we help you bring health to your home!

Remember to visit HealthyOates.com for more in-depth information, as well as great health tips and recipes.

What is your pantry looking like these days? Are you making the switch with us?


  1. Love the idea about switching out the mayo so the family doesn’t catch on at first! Thanks for all you share…I’m learning a lot.

  2. So glad you’re getting a lot out of it – I know I did going through it first-hand!

  3. Great information! I’ve been confused by those corn syrup vs. sugar adds, so thanks for shedding light on that. Would you post some information on healthy alternatives to splenda? We use it in kool-aid, but with it being chemically engineered, I know it might not be the best option.

  4. Hi Sami! Just stopping by to see what you’re up to these days. Love your new blog design and the series you’re doing on health. We’re pretty healthy over here at our place and I love finding ways to SAVE on the stuff I want to put in the pantry. Keep the great info coming!


  5. No lie – I was JUST thinking about you yesterday!!!! (The kids were watching Veggie Tales 😉 )
    How are you??? Thanks for checking back in – let’s try to talk soon, ok???

  6. Your wish will soon be granted!
    The last video we shot is on drinks, so stay tuned. But I can tell you that we’ve been making our own lemonade and using Agave – a natural sweetener that is easier to mix and and doesn’t have as strong a taste as honey. We buy it at Costco. Hope that helps in the interim!