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Fall Smoothie Recipe: Organic Avenue

fall smoothie recipe

I can’t say it enough, I am SO excited that we’re finally transitioning from summer to fall. Am I the only one that actually gets excited when I look outside and see gray skies and feel that crisp, cool air? Well just like we have to transition our wardrobe from summer to fall, so must we also do the same …

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A Healthy Morning Routine in 3 Simple Steps

Healthy Morning Routine

If you’re following my series on How to Live a Prioritized Life in 2014, then you know I promised you some insights for how to minimize your routine for maximum results. The key is to keep things simple and consistent. I’ve honed in on 3 simple steps to my healthy morning routine that I’ve found I can accomplish each morning …

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Healthy Indulgence Treats on a Dime: Fox TN Mornings March 2013


It’s true, your New Year’s resolutions may have come & gone, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t indulge in some treats while staying healthy (& on budget!). If you caught my Healthy Indulgences on a Dime segment on Fox TN Mornings, then you’re probably: 1. Salivating by now (and if you aren’t, what’s wrong with you???) & 2. Wanting …

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Disney Cruise Kids Dining Options: Recreating Healthy Fun at Home!


One thing that has always intrigued me about the Disney brand are their dining option…especially when it comes to kids dining. So when I learned that we were going to get to be a part of a Disney Cruise, the first thing I wanted to learn more about was how they come up with their kids meals, how they keep …

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Eat Healthy, Spend Less, Maximize Your Food! (Fox TV/Video)


If you’re looking to eat healthy while spending less and maximizing the food you buy, then you’re in the right place! Even if you’ve let your New Year’s Resolutions come and go, I have some simple, practical tips to help keep you eating healthy on a budget in the New Year. In case you missed any of the tips from …

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Healthy Thanksgiving Comfort Food Recipes


Just because we’re trying to eat healthy this Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that we don’t want a little comfort food too! So I called upon my friends at Time Dog to help find the best Thanksgiving Comfort Food Recipes. Here are the best healthy Thanksgiving comfort food recipes that Time Dog compiled for me (and if you have a request you’d like …

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Best & Easy Lentil Soup Recipe Kids Love

If you’re looking for an easy lentil soup recipe that kids will love, I think this is the best one out there! I may be a little biased because it’s my mom’s lentil soup recipe that I’ve been eating since I was a kid, but it is SO easy to make and SO good for you, that you have to …

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Healthy & Affordable Kids Lunches: Talk of the Town Video June 2012

Watch my Talk of the Town video from the June 19, 2012 show: Healthy & Affordable Kids’ Lunches: Today on Talk of the Town I talked about how kids’ lunches can be healthy and still be easy on your budget! It’s summertime, so why not get more creative with lunches that will be healthy and affordable for both you AND …

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Healthy Recipes for Busy Moms: Talk of the Town Video March 2012

Talk of the Town Frugal Love Sami Cone

Watch the Talk of the Town video from today’s show: White Chicken Chili Crock-Pot healthy recipe for busy moms on the go: Today on Talk of the Town (March 20, 2012) I shared how busy moms can still cook healthy recipes even when they’re on the go! Busy moms often find themselves in a conundrum: how to find the time …

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Free Smart School Time Recipe Book for Kindle

Get a Free Smart School Time Recipe Book for Kindle. I haven’t downloaded this yet, but it claims to have healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options for kids AND adults!

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