Teaching Girls to Embrace their Unique Style

by Sami

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From an early age, we knew our daughter would stand out from the crowd.

Even as a toddler, she would gravitate towards clothes that were shades of blue, red or black amidst the typical pinks and purples.

By the age of three, she was giving unsolicited fashion advice to her babysitter. Before long, that same babysitter would seek her advice the minute she walked in the door. We’d often hear outfit critiques like, “Ms. Shannon, why are you wearing those shoes with that dress?”

Kariss sketched her first “look book” at the age of four, sending her drawings for her ideal fall outfits to her grandmother, along with color selections and sizes.

It was about that time she stopped letting me put bows and other adornments in her hair and insisted on styling it herself.

Once school started and SSA (Standardized School Attire) was required, she balked at the conformity and still found a way to make each day’s outfit uniquely her own.

Even now in junior high, the one piece of clothing she’s allowed to express herself with is her socks and she has quite the collection of knee socks she shows off with her varying styles of Converse hi-tops each day.

I’ve always marveled at how she’s embraced her unique style, but have never completely understood where it came from…

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