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Teen Car Crash into House is my nephew: UPDATE


This is truly unbelievable – if you heard on the news about a teen driver who went unconscious and had his car crash into a house in Virginia…that is my nephew! HE IS OK and no one was killed (amazingly), but all involved could use your prayers!

UPDATE: Nick is doing amazingly well considering the circumstances! It’s been determined that Nick has a form of epilepsy that caused him to go unconscious, thus causing the crash. There is still a long road ahead in terms of recovery and life adjustment. Because he had a seizure, it is state law in VA that he cannot drive for 6 months. As a high school senior who has just gotten used to some independence, you can imagine that this would be a shock. But according to my brother, he’s had a great attitude and everyone is just thankful to have some answers moving forward. We ask that you still continue to lift up the Strauss family in your prayers – the angels were certainly watching out for Nick and we pray they’ll continue to guide him on the journey ahead!

You can read (& watch video of) the details here – at least as much as is known right now. This happened to my nephew, Nick, who is the youngest son of 3 boys of my brother, Alan.

If you followed my Chicago road trip just last month, the entire reason we embarked on that last minute journey was because Alan arranged an impromptu Strauss family reunion dinner in the Chicago suburbs and we were so fortunate to get to see all of them there.

Nick keeping Britton amused at dinner
The Strauss Boys
The Strauss cousins
The Strauss cousins

I have not yet spoken to my brother, so the only information I know is from his Facebook post:

Alan Strauss shared a link.
God was shining on Nick Strauss this morning as he was headed to football practice. He’s out of the hospital. Now trying to find out why he lost consciousness. Thank god nobody was seriously hurt in the house.
My entire family would TRULY appreciate your prayers for Nick and the entire Strauss family as there is undoubtedly a long road of questions ahead of them.
Thank you!



  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that! but I am thankful no one’s killed!
    We just hope every thing is fine now.
    Prayers sent your way!

  2. Thank you for the prayers, Shane!