The Daily Dash: April 11, 2018 {#JustOpenTheDoor & #ComparisonTrap}

by brenna

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Hospitality doesn’t have to be as hard as you think…

The Daily Dash: April 11, 2018 {#JustOpenTheDoor & #ComparisonTrap} 

* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg returns to Capitol Hill as Facebook stop climbs to highest point in four years.
* NHL playoffs start tonight
* House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t running for re-election
* #NationalStressAwarenessMonth & #NationalPetDay

Because of what the Son of Man went through, every human being has been provided with a way of access into the very presence of God ~ Oswald Chambers

I always find it interesting when completely different books or devotionals actually compliment each other when you sit down to read them at the same time.

Case in point. Last night I started a new study with my women’s group called “Comparison Trap” by Sandra Stanley. Sandra shared some poignant words about hosting that I want to pass on to you:

“Comparison can convince you that you shouldn’t even invite others over if you can’t pull off a picture-prefect affair with homemade food and a spotless space. Can I remind you today that being a good hostess isn’t about perfection?”

Yesterday also happened to be the day my friend Jen’s book released, called “Just Open the Door”, the subtitle of which is “How one invitation can change a generation”. I’ve already bragged on the book in a past Daily Dash, but the book sets out to reframe how we think about hospitality and equips us to walk a road of welcome in our daily lives. Jen confesses the following:

“Like me, whenever you open the door, you’ll likely be doing it with an overly busy, anxious heart offered to God, alongside a kitchen counter topped with chips, salsa and guacamole for good measure…let’s reframe our picture of hospitality and discover how God uses simple steps of faithfulness to ignite life change.”

So my prayer focus for you today is one of hospitality. Just because it’s not my natural bend doesn’t mean I get a free pass in this area. If I’ve learned anything from these women and their books already, it’s to show up exactly as you are in the hopes that a heart in need will be warmed, not because of what they see, but because of who they find.

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The Daily Dash: April 11, 2018 {#JustOpenTheDoor & #ComparisonTrap}

Hope you make it a great day!

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