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The Daily Dash: December 2 2014 {Car Issues}

In today’s Daily Dash video, December 2 2014, I’m on the dash again, but this time in the passenger seat, sharing a vehicle with my husband since our other car isn’t working…

The Daily Dash: The Daily Dash: December 2 2014 {Car Issues}

* College student from Pennsylvania went missing on Thanksgiving Day
* 5 players from St. Louis Rams come out on field with hands up and are not getting fined
* One of the wives of an ISIS leader was captured on the border near Lebanon
* Girl Scout Cookies are going digital


* LOVING: Showing you the X-Shot PRO extender  with the mobile phone adapter.  I am also loving my planner!

* LEARNING: I am trying to live out an Oswald Chambers quote and learning to stop wishing you would do something, but just do it!

* DOING: Sharing the car with my husband as we are down one car and teaching my final class of the term at Lipscomb today.

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The Daily Dash December 2 2014 {Car Issues}

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