The Daily Dash: January 7 2016 {Grieving Again}

by brenna

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After 36 hours of sadness, I think I realized why…

The Daily Dash: January 7 2016 {Grieving Again}

* Miners trapped in NY salt mine rescued
* Knife attack in Paris
* Trading in China halted for 2nd time this week
* No winners in last night’s Powerball – this Saturday’s will be largest in US history
* Prince George starts Montessori school
* People’s Choice awards held last night

* Two nights ago, a wave of sadness washed over me, but I couldn’t tell you why. I got through my day yesterday, though admittedly overwhelmed and unfocused. Last night it really hit me that my book launch is in less than two weeks and I feel like there’s more to do than time left.

This morning, after dropping everyone in the family off at different locations over the course of an hour, I started driving away and I burst into tears. I was overcome with grief for my dad again and the fact that I couldn’t pick up the phone to call him to ask for business advice…or any advice for that matter.

I also looked up and noticed things about my surroundings I’d never noticed before, making me realize I need to remain focused, but not so tunnel visioned that I miss my world around me.

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The Daily Dash: January 7, 2016 {Grieving Again}

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