The Daily Dash: January 9, 2018 {Sky Studios Review & Free Music Lesson}

by brenna

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We’ve found something my son loves and you can try for free too…

The Daily Dash: January 9, 2018 {@SkyStudiosTN Review & Free Music Lesson} 

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God can transform destructive anxiety into a constructive thoughtfulness for the future – Oswald Chambers

As you well know, our daughter has really taken to cello over the last two years. While we’ve loved watching her love of music grow, there has been some sadness over the fact that her current school doesn’t offer any music program during the school day. Not only does this cause her to fall behind some of her counterparts in the county orchestra, it’s prevented my son from learning a new instrument like his sister got to in 6th grade.

So when Sky Studios reached out to me about trying a lesson with them and I learned just how close they are not only to our home, but to where our daughter’s orchestra practices on Monday nights, we were excited to give them a try. And it wasn’t just the proximity that attracted us to the team at Sky Studios; they offer something unique in Nashville that I haven’t seen with any other music studio.

In addition to teaching almost 200 private lessons weekly in guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin/fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and voice, they also offer live performance programs, songwriting programs and recording programs (in their in-house studio) for students to practically apply what they learn, build their skills as they grow, and of course, have fun and amazing experiences.

More than just what they offer, it’s who offers it. Their instructors are all college-educated professional musicians. The only downside of this (as we’d just discovered with Britton’s drum teacher who is leaving for another tour next week with a major country artist) is that the Sky Studios instructors are so good at what they do, they often get called back out to the road to perform with some of today’s most popular artists.

Sky Studios offers two types of lessons – flex and roster. Flex lessons are $40/lesson and you can book them whenever they have openings. You can book as many flex lessons as you want, and you can also cancel them with 24 hours notice.

Roster lessons are tuition-based, and they are $30/lesson. With these, you reserve your teacher and your time spot (i.e. Monday at 7) and are billed at the first of each month for that month’s lessons. They don’t offer make ups or cancellations for roster lessons, since the teacher is reserving the time spot. The advantage of being on the roster is getting the same time each week and the reduced lesson cost.

Watch this 30 second video to get more of a look inside Sky Studios:

I’ll admit, our son wasn’t sure at first if he wanted to add something else to his schedule, but really missed the drums he had started to learn in school two years ago. As soon as he came out of the lesson, I said “OK, let’s talk about it” and Britton said, “No talking, just do it…IT WAS AWESOME!”

That kind of praise isn’t easy to come by from an 11 year old boy! When I pushed him for more of a reason, he said, “Just the people in general there make me want to do it, even though everything else is terrific too.” We had our first lesson of the New Year last night, and his excitement was just as strong afterwards.

I’m proud to let you know that Sky Studios is offering ALL of my readers a free lesson. This can be a one-off trial lesson or your first roster lesson free, depending on if you just want to try them out or sign up for the roster. This is a $30-$40 value depending on the lesson type. If you sign up for the roster lessons, your registration fee will also be waived (a $25 value). All you have to do to take advantage of your free lesson is to click here:

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The Daily Dash: January 9, 2018 {@SkyStudiosTN Review & Free Music Lesson}

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