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The Daily Dash: September 5, 2017 {Helping #HurricaneHarvey Victims}

Our kids are still off school and I’m trying to put that time to good use…

The Daily Dash: September 5, 2017 {Helping #HurricaneHarvey Victims}

* Trump to end DACA
* Hurricane Irma becomes a Cat 5
* Wildfires intensify in Oregon
* Martinez hits 4 home runs in 4 straight at bats
* 3rd royal baby announced!

Prayer changes me and then I change things – Oswald Chambers

I hope each of you had an incredible Labor Day Weekend. As you know, school (and eventually my daughter’s volleyball game) was cancelled on Friday because of standing water from Harvey remnants here, but we pressed on Saturday for my son’s first chess tournament. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t his best performance, but at least it was at his school, so it was a comfortable setting to start off the season. From there, I found some great deals at the Goodwill half price sale and then spent the rest of the evening updating our expenses and budget.

Sunday was spent volunteering at church, reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen in awhile, cleaning up the house and then, unfortunately, dealing with our son who got sick again. We seriously have the hardest time keeping this kid healthy!

That being said, we kept Labor Day low key with a few hours at a friend’s pool and then visiting the only remaining WWII landing ship that was docked temporarily in Nashville. Our kids have another day off school today, so I’ve given them two tasks: dust their rooms and come up with a tangible way they can help the flood victims in Houston. I’ll keep you posted on the latter, but in the meantime, I’m also going to post some helpful tips on my own website if you’ve been wondering how to help as well…

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The Daily Dash: September 5, 2017 {Helping #HurricaneHarvey Victims}

Hope you make it a great day!