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The smallest goals are sometimes the biggest

I Love being a Tommy Mommy
Over on the Tommy Nelson blog this month, I’m talking about how the smallest goals are sometimes the biggest…

I can hardly believe the school year is almost over.

Depending on what area of the country you live in, you could already be planning summer camps, family vacations & neighborhood cookouts.

Yet instead of focusing on the fun that lies ahead over the coming months, I find myself feeling retroactively guilty.

What do I mean by that?

The end of school serves as a reminder of all the things I didn’t accomplish over the year: the piano lessons I never taught my kids, the Bible verses we didn’t memorize, the chore charts we never completed and the play dates we never made.

I remember having such visions of organization last August. It was to be the first year I’d have two kids in school full time, so the possibilities were endless. I imagined my kids would be successful household managers – mastering self-control as they learned how to do laundry, cook at least 5 meals by themselves and organize their toys by size & color.

I also had lofty goals for myself…

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