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Week 2 of my Online Weight Loss Journal

The weight loss tracking continues in week 2 of my online weight loss journal!

Here’s the recap for those of you that are keeping score:

Starting weight: 170 (I weighed 172 when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter – ouch!)

Week 1 weight: 167

Week 2 weight: 164

So that’s another 3 pound loss this week for a total of 6 pounds in 2 weeks! I’m excited.

We’ve had a lot of events and travels, so I’d like to think it could have been more if we had been on a more regular schedule, but life isn’t regular, is it?

Me & my boy on the River Gorge Explorer in Chattanooga this weekend

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some of our new favorite snack and smoothie recipes in the next couple days too!

How are you doing in your healthy eating efforts?