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by Sami

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filtersI have to admit, before this summer, I rarely thought about my home air filters, much less how or where to buy air filters! But that all changed recently.

In all that we’ve learned about becoming a healthy family and getting rid of toxic cleaners in our house to help with our children’s respiratory issues, it only made sense that the logical next step would be to look into our whole house air filters. After all, it didn’t make sense to use the Get Clean system if our home air filters weren’t doing their job!

To my embarrassment, I couldn’t even find our air filters at first! In Florida, all we had to do was slide them in and out of a gate in the wall. But I had a hard time detecting their location in either of our two units here in Nashville (for those of you who know our story and are doing the math in your heads, yes – that means we hadn’t changed our home air filters since we moved in 7 months ago! Yuck!)

Once I did finally locate the filters, not only were they gross, but they weren’t the right filters for our units. They were such a poor quality that they were bent and therefore not filtering our air at all.

About this time, I re-connected with Kevin & Melinda McCormick of PrimeTimeFilters.com. When I learned about the products and service they provide, I was blown away – it couldn’t have come at a better time in our lives! PrimeTimeFilters.com promises to get the right filter at the right time…right to your door. Long gone are the days of forgetting to change your filter or standing aimlessly in the aisles of your local home improvement warehouse wondering what size your home air filters are.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Primetimefilters.com automatic filter delivery service:

  1. Save Money: Increase Efficiency, Use LESS Energy, Extended the Life of Your HVAC System(s)
  2. Improve your Indoor Air Quality:  We spend around 90% or our time indoors.  What are you and your family breathing?
  3. Never Forget Again: When your filters arrive at your door, it’s time to change them.
  4. Save Time: No more running around to find the right type & size. Shop at home & have them delivered to your door!
  5. Hassle Free: Don’t bother stocking boxes of filters in your basement or garage only to forget when to change them.

Primetimefilters.com has provided me with air filters for our home and I am so grateful that I want to spread the word. I hope that my clueless-ness (is that a word?) about our home air filters will inspire you to not only re-assess how you treat the air inside your home but motivate you to make it better for the health of your family!

Be sure to reach out to Kevin at PrimeTimeFilters.com and tell him Sami sent you!

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