Are Peekapoo Puppies Hypoallergenic? (my dog rescue dilemma)

by Sami

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If you know me at all, you may be surprised to see the word ‘dog’ even appear in the title of one of my posts.

For those of you following along my Instagram feed yesterday (& if you aren’t, you should be!), this may make a little more sense…

But for those of you who aren’t, let me recap for you by sharing this Instagram with its caption below:

As if this day wasn’t crazy enough…I though I ran over a squirrel. When we stopped to look, it turns out the animal was fine…but it was a puppy…that jumped in our car as soon as I opened the door…and onto my lap. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me… #lostdog#isityours?

Yes, you heard right, as I backed up and opened the door of our van for my kids to check on this strange animal, it literally hopped into our car and promptly onto my lap.

As someone who is allergic to most dogs and many other animals, you can understand why I quickly wondered, “Are Peekapoo puppies hypoallergenic?!?!”

Actually, I lie, I had no idea it was a peekapoo puppy at the time.

But I did what any normal American would do, I left it on the street…

NOOOO – just kidding 😉 I’m not that heartless.

I did, however, call for reinforcements.

While my kids were busy naming ‘her’, getting her water and making sure she couldn’t chew on any of their toys in the backyard, I called my local dog expert friend, Angie.

I knew Angie worked part-time at a local animal hospital and hoped that
1. She could help advise me what to do next and
2. I could provide her with a good laugh for the afternoon

Both came to fruition.

“Angie, are you sitting down?”

“No, why?”

“Don’t worry, I’m ok, but I have a dog sitting on my lap…”

The silent pause was predictable, as was the burst of laughter that soon followed.

I proceeded to describe the chain of events and asked what to do next in my dog rescue adventure.

She first asked me if it was a puppy or just a small dog…

“Seriously? Do you know me at all?” was all I could do to respond.

When she asked what it looked like, I gave an equally helpful response: hairy.

Obviously she knew I’d be of no help to her, so she suggested I go to the animal hospital and see if there was a microchip inside the dog, as well as call animal control to report it missing.

I know it’s killing some of you to not know how the story ends, so let me cut to the chase for you via my Instagram post from later yesterday afternoon:

Puppy Update: much to my joy (& the kids’ dismay), we finally hunted down Winston’s owner! (Yes, Winston: what I thought was a female puppy turned out to be a (13 year) old man dog!) PSA – if you have a dog, make sure it has a microchip. @briandishon ‘s wife directed us to White Oak animal hospital who found the chip & eventually the owner…saving this mom who isn’t ready for a ‘pet’ line item in my budget 😉

So after a couple hours, we did finally reunite Winston (hence ‘she’ in quotes above) with his owner. I don’t know if I’m any closer to making my children’s Christmas Puppy dreams come true, but I did learn a few things:

  1. Please take care of your dogs if you own them: This dog looked abandoned, was missing teeth and had extremely matted fur & flea bumps (hence why we thought it was abandoned). Make sure it has a collar, is bathed, well fed and has it’s appropriate shots.
  2. Get a microchip: I’m not sure how much it costs, but if you care enough to get a pet, you should care enough to protect it.
  3. Get a test pet before committing: I’m not suggesting everyone can pick up a stray dog for a few hours, but my kids learned a lot about how quickly your day can get altered just from spending a few hours taking care of an animal. Most notably the ultimate irony was that the dog would only come to me and not them, smashing their dreams that any animal they adopted would ultimately succumb to all their play fantasies and bedtime cuddles.
  4. Count the cost: When I asked how much it would be just to bring the dog ‘up to date’ health-wise, we discovered it would cost around $200, and that’s without food, toys, bed, etc. All of a sudden, that allowance becomes a lot more important.

As it turns out, all poodles and poodle hybrids are hypo-allergenic, so it’s possible we could have ended up with a new dog…but that still didn’t eliminate its dog ‘smell’.

We’ll always have the pictures…. 😉


I’m curious, for those of you with a bit more dog expertise than I, what hypo-allergenic dog would you recommend to someone (theoretically speaking) interested in dog rescue or pet adoption?

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