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Avoid impulse purchases when grocery shopping

supermarketLet’s face it, one of the easiest ways to put money back in our budget is to avoid impulse purchases when grocery shopping.

I know, easier said then done.

That’s why I wanted to go on record with a few helpful hints for you to keep in mind next time you hit the aisles:

1. Never go hungry

Before you go shopping, eat first. There is no way to control impulse purchases when you’re ravenous with hunger (can we say “Ho-Ho’s”?). I’m also not above taking food in with me to a store to snack on while I’m shopping.

2. Stick to your list

This should be understood without being said, yet I’ll say it anyway: make a list and stick to it! If you hope to save any money with coupons, there needs to be some forethought put into what you’ll be buying and what savings you expect in the end.

3. Shop the perimeter of the store

All the fresh food (and the healthiest options!) are located around the perimeter of the grocery store: produce, meats, dairy, etc. Chances are an eggplant won’t tempt you as much as the chip aisle will!

4. Stay focused

When you go grocery shopping, GO GROCERY SHOPPING! Don’t try to talk on your cell phone, balance your checkbook, text and browse magazines while you’re there! Stay on task, know why you’re there and get it done.

Follow these simple rules and both your budget and your waistline will thank you 🙂