Noom: Reviews & Cost for the Psychology-Based Weight Loss App

by Sami

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Picture this. I’m desperately trying to stick to an intermittent fasting plan in between cruises. More spots and bumps are popping up on my skin while the psoriasis on the back of my neck only seems to be getting worse. 

After successfully making it until 11am, I start to desire the foods I swore off only hours ago. 
Every time my stomach starts to seem slimmer or I dip below 200 on the scale, my first thought is to ‘reward myself’ through, you guessed it, food.

And don’t even get me started about Dr. Pepper. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee and have never smoked anything in my life, so how can a Dr. Pepper once in a while be bad?

Stop The Excuses

I could give you a dozen excuses on why the weight has crept on, from marriage troubles and hypothyroidism to stress and lack of exercise. But the truth is, it starts with me and my excuses.

And while any one of those things could explain my weight gain, it doesn’t excuse it. 
What’s worse is that my kids are now old enough to not just see what I look like, but observe my habits and decide whether or not they are going to make similar choices with their health. 
Being a former 

So after my most recent cruise, I decided I needed to take action…to do something for more than just three days, a month or even three months. Something more than a fad diet or removing a certain category of food. 

That’s where Noom entered my life…

Results Follow Action

I’ve been researching Noom for a year. Literally. I finally decided enough was enough; it was time to stop reading about Noom and try it for myself.

What appealed to me was the psychological component of Noom. (Remember, I just told you how long I read about their reviews and method?). I know how to follow a diet, but I’ve obviously never been able to make a lasting change. Noom seemed to be the answer to changing my mind when it came to eating.

Don’t get me wrong, Noom isn’t just for nerds (though they love a good #NoomNerds social post!). They take some really scientific and psychological statistics and break it down into digestible chunks (see what I did there). Not to mention, Noom does it with humor, great graphics and help along every step of the way.

With just 10 minutes a day, you literally slide through fun facts, inspirational truths and practical tips to help you not just lose weight, but understand the traps that have kept you from doing so in the past.

How Noom Works

According to the Mayo Clinic, “For successful, long-term weight loss, you must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and health habits.” Noom has three steps to help you do exactly that:

    Noom helps you ditch the idea of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods to help you find your healthy balance. Think no-nonsense nutrition and empowered eating.
    Let’s face it, most of us know what we need to do, we just need help doing it. Noom coaches help build self-awareness and self-efficacy. Forget willpower. Focus on brain power.
    Instead of quick fixes or pricy trends, Noom helps you develop healthy, sustainable habits that align with your goals and lifestyle. It’s not rocket science; it’s psychology.

How Much Does Noom Cost Per Month?

Before I talk any more about the “why” behind Noom, I know you’re thinking one thing: How much does Noom cost per month?

First of all, everyone can get a FREE 14-Day Noom Trial. But you and I both know that won’t help you achieve the long-lasting results we want.

Noom gifted me with a 4-month subscription which I started in March. I didn’t just want the “let’s try this for a couple weeks and see how it works”. After everything I read online and everyone I talked to who tried Noom, 3 months seemed to be the magical number for things to really start sticking.

With that in mind, Noom starts at $59/month. The more months you sign-up for on an auto-recurring plan, the less you actually end up paying. Here is the Noom cost breakdown (with a line through the retail pricing – all prices in USD):

  • Monthly auto-recurring plan: $59
  • 2 Month auto-recurring plan: $150 $99
  • 4 Month auto-recurring plan: $240 $129
  • 6 Month auto-recurring plan: $350 $149
  • 8 Month auto-recurring plan: $480 $159
  • Annual auto-recurring plan: $750 $199

Think this through with me. If it’s a choice between $99 for 2 months and $199 for the year…I’m choosing the annual plan.

Plus, just about any other ‘health plan’ someone has tried to sell me on (think powders, shakes and bars) and even those I’ve tried and enjoyed have all cost that much if not more per month.

And if I’m being real honest, because of the combination of my Noom coach and App, I’m thinking twice about what I eat, when I eat and where I’m eating from. This alone has saved me a lot of money by not snacking, going through a drive-through or even just popping into Starbucks.

Noom Reviews

So what are people saying about Noom?

When I first started sharing that I started on Noom, I received several DM’s with people saying things like:

“The daily quizzes help you see where you are slipping and help you finetune your thoughts about food. My group helped a lot cheer me on and encourage me on days when I needed it.”

– D.L.

“I LOVE Noom! I lost 15 lbs. since October using their program. It was so helpful.”

– S.K.

I LOVE Noom!!! I started it after a cruise last year and lsot 35 pounds by November. I have kept it all off and I feel great. I absolutely cannot say enough about it. I loved all that I learned.

– C.S.

But don’t just take my friends’ word for it. Noom has a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars on iTunes (with over 200,000 ratings). Here are some of the other reviews that helped move the needle for me:

I was skeptical to start a program like NOOM because of the price and I didn’t know if it would work for me. I’ve struggled with weight most of my adult life and it hasn’t been easy for me to lose weight. I’m entering week 9 and have lost 12 pounds! While this may not seem like much, it is weight I have not been able to lose on my own…I think it’s great to have a coach and support team to reach out to 24 hours a day.

– K.L.

See what I told you about that 3-month mark? Then there’s this from an annual subscriber:

I just finished my one year subscription with Noom and it was the best money I ever spent. I started last Jan at 215 lbs. I saw the commercial on TV New Year’s Eve and thought the app looked colorful and fun like a game. I thought it would be entertaining enough to keep my interest, but it was so much more. I learned about all the eating mistakes I was making. I learned what to eat, what to limit, what to increase. Because of my immediate success during the trial, I decided to pay for the subscription. I just wanted to get under 200 lbs and be in less pain! Noom helped me work through so many of my life issues where I was stuck!

I hit my goal and kept going. I felt like the pace was perfect. The lessons were really motivating and the group was safe and encouraging. I hit 162.5 in October. I started walking, then running and finished two 5k’s. I managed to keep the weight off even through the holidays and winter. If you do this and stay really honest with yourself, it works!

– V.B.

WOW. That sums it up far better than I ever could.

Noom & Splendid Spoon

The key to my kickstart was pairing Noom and Splendid Spoon.

Not only do I forget to eat, I grab food that isn’t great for me in the absence of having things prepared. Without ready-made healthy options I could grab and go, I don’t know if I could have had as successful of a start on Noom as I did.

Splendid Spoon offers ready-to-eat, nourishing, plant-based smoothies, soups and grain bowls.

Each meal contains fresh plant-based, gluten-free, and GMO-free (all clean) ingredients. Their Low-sugar smoothies are easy to sip for breakfast, in transit, or anywhere life takes you. The soup and grain bowls are loaded with veggies.

Plus, each smoothie and bowl contains two servings, so I got even more value than initially anticipated. And if you’re looking for to cleanse, choose The Reset: 5 Light soups designed to reset your digestive system in one day.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready for your health journey to begin? Are you willing to leave the past behind and step into your new future?

I hope you’ll join me and start your Noom journey today too.

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