Best Amazon Deals

by Sami

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The best Amazon deals typically happen around the holidays. However, if you know what to look for, you can always find great deals. (This is especially true on their own Amazon products, like Amazon Alexa and Echo).

the best amazon deals

Best Amazon Deals

How do you find the best Amazon deals? Check Amazon every day, of course!

But if you don’t want to do that, I would definitely sign up for prime because not only are there Amazon Prime exclusive member deals (especially for Black Friday), but you also get free shipping.

Speaking of free shipping, I heard on the radio that Amazon is now offering free shipping for everyone, not just Prime members. I haven’t been able to verify that on their site yet (perhaps because I’m already a Prime member), but I’ll keep checking for you.

Amazon Alexa Birthday Deals

Even though it’s Alexa’s birthday (yes, even home helpers have birthdays), we are the ones getting the gift! I’m not sure just how long the Amazon Alexa birthday deals will last, but typically not long. If you find the Amazon echo you want, I’d act fast. Here are just a few of the echo deals right now:

But the Amazon echo deals aren’t the only Alexa deals you’ll find. Amazon is also offering deals, sales, and special offers on Echo & Alexa devices, Fire TV, and more.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

What are some of my other favorite Amazon deals? Their black Friday deals of course!

Even though it isn’t Black Friday yet, Amazon is offering early Black Friday deals in EVERY department. We’re talking everything from food and games, to furniture and technology.

As even better deals come in, I’ll continue to update them in this post. And don’t forget, if you have an Alexa device already, you can ask Alexa to keep you up to date on deals too.

Amazon Prime Whole Foods Deals

My newest, favorite Amazon Prime benefit has to do with all the money you can now save at Whole Foods. While I’ve always loved shopping at Whole Foods, it can be pricey. If you’ve been on the fence about getting Amazon Prime, this might just seal the deal for you.

Every week, Whole Foods features “yellow sign deals” where Amazon Prime members save an extra 10%. And if you have an Amazon Prime Visa, you’ll also save an additional 5% on ALL your purchases at Whole Foods.

Research all Amazon Prime member benefits at Whole Foods

I look forward to saving you money AND time this holiday season by filtering all the best Amazon deals for you right here.

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