Cavalia Odysseo Nashville Review & Video Tour

by Sami

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Last night, my family & I were invited to Cavalia Odyseeo Nashville for a VIP social media influencer experience and we gladly accepted. This Odysseo review is based upon that first-hand experience.


One reason I attend events like this is not only to make new memories with my own family, but to share my honest experiences with your family so you can better determine whether or not this is an event you want to budget for.


Odysseo Nashville Experience

This may be a simplified way of describing Cavalia Odysseo, but think of it as Cirque du Soleil meets horses. If you love dressage (aka jumping), the beauty of stallions, and all things horses – mixed with acrobatics and aerialists – this show is for you. The first act is approximately one hour, then there is a 30-minute intermission, followed by a second act that is about another hour. My daughter loved all of it, my 11 year-old son wasn’t thrilled and my husband and I both thought the overall show was incredibly well done, even though we could have done with less of the horse acts.


Odysseo Nashville Location & Facility

Odysseo is a touring production under their remarkable white big top located just across the highway from Gaylord Opryland Resort and Opry Mills Mall. That being said, you might expect the building and its supporting structures to be tacky and uncomfortable: they are neither. In fact, as soon as you step out of your car and over the threshold, the space has been transformed. Everything from the bathrooms to the decor was thought out impeccably. Hear me when I say this: Odysseo is no traveling circus, it is a first-class show and you feel that in all of its’ elements.


Odysseo Nashville Stage & Seating

Over 2,000 people can sit under the white big top, and yet it’s hard to find a bad seat! I’ve truly never felt closer to a show ever, and the performers also do a great job of pulling each and every audience member in. In addition, the seating itself is more comfortable than many stadiums I’ve been in. Tip: if you are looking for a more inexpensive ticket price, opt for the obstructed view seats beacuse it will not hinder the overall show experience.


Odysseo Nashville Parking Fee

It disappointed me that there was a $20 parking fee. Because of its location, you HAVE to park with them. That being the case, why wouldn’t they just work parking into the ticket price? It’s already an event that is more expensive than most families are used to paying for, so I was upset to discover the fee (FYI, you can pay in advance online or pay for parking once on site. You will have to produce proof of payment (either online or the stub they give you) before you are allowed to exit the parking lot).

Cavalia Odysseo Nashville Video Tour

Watch all my Instagram stories from our night at Cavalia Odysseo Nashville compiled into a 3-minute video, which includes our behind-the-scenes tour of backstage and the horse stables:

Cavalia Odysseo Discount Tickets

I’ve been given permission to share the discount code SOCIAL so that you can save 15% off your Odysseo tickets at


In summary, the production value and overall experience exceeded my expectations. While this show won’t be for everyone, it is definitely a unique production that will ‘WOW’ multiple generations.

If you’re looking for even more background information on Cavalia Odysseo, watch my Daily Dash.

Disclosure: My family received 4 VIP tickets to experience Cavalia Odysseo. All thoughts above are my own.

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