Honest Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Review

by Sami

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Did you know Mrs. Doubtfire is now a musical? It’s the 30th anniversary of the movie and I’m giving you my honest Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical review in under three minutes…

Honest Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical Review

Is Mrs Doubtfire the musical worth seeing?

If you don’t want to watch my full honest Mrs. Doubtfire musical review, let me just say it’s a good time and worth the price of the ticket. Everyone around me, along with everyone I overheard, enjoyed the show.

The musical follows the same storyline as the movie, with many of the same hilarious one-liners.

The Mrs. Doubtfire Soundtrack is Not Download-Worthy

While the show is fun, I wouldn’t say it translates well into musical form. There were a couple of high-energy, upbeat dance numbers that wowed the crowd, but as a whole, the music did not stand out to me.

Synopsis: I didn’t leave the theater humming any of the songs or wanting to download the soundtrack.

“Easy Peasy” was a cute surprise with a great tap number woven in. The finale song, “As Long As There is Love”, also warmed our hearts. But other than that, I can’t remember much of the music.

Standout Cast

Even though I didn’t love the music, one cast member really stood out to me: Lydia Hilliard played by newcomer, Giselle Gutierrez. This college sophomore played the oldest (15-year-old) daughter of the Hilliard family and her vocal range and control blew me away from the first note she sang. She was a sheer delight to listen to and I look forward to following her career.

I’m also happy to report that the lead role, played by Rob McClure, lived up to its billing as well. The thought of having to step into the shoes (and dress) of the late, great Robin Williams is no small feat. McClure’s propensity for voices and impressions dazzled us from the opening lines asking us to silence our cell phones.

Another fun fact: Rob is actually married to his onstage spouse, Maggie Lakis, who plays Miranda Hilliard!

Is the Mrs Doubtfire musical kid-friendly?

I saw a lot of kids at the Mrs. Doubtfire opening night performance. It’s perfect for teens and tweens (especially since there are three “kids” in the show). I would say it’s appropriate for kids as young as 7 or 8.

You’ll remember the iconic moment when Natty, the youngest daughter, parrots her dad and says to her mom after she picks them up from Daniel’s apartment, “We’re his go**amn kids too!”

There’s also a song called “What the Hell” sung by the kids. So if you don’t want younger kids to hear “hell”, don’t come to this show. Otherwise, except for some childish behavior and rude talk, the show is fairly mild when it comes to appropriateness.

Again, it stays pretty true to the movie. So if you’re OK with the content in the film, you’ll find much of the same in the stage production.

Mrs. Doubtfire in Nashville

I saw the Broadway tour of Mrs. Doubtfire, The New Musical Comedy, at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville on November 7, 2023. The show runs through November 12, 2023.

You can buy tickets directly from TPAC. You’ll also save on fees if you purchase tickets directly from the box office in person.

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