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Christian Book Summaries


Get FREE reviews of some of the best Christian books!

When I was working at Christ Fellowship in Florida as a writer, one of the best tips I received from one of the pastor’s there was to sign-up at Christian Book Summaries.com. They mission is to enhance the ministry and impact of thinking Christians by providing thorough and readable summaries of noteworthy books from Christian publishers.

If you love to read like me, or depend upon keeping up to date on the latest publications for your profession, you know it’s nearly impossible to find the time to read every book you’d like. CBS offers 7-8 page summaries in PDF form that highlight the main points of the book in a thoughtful and organized manner that not only gives you a great synopsis of the thesis, but also helps you decide if it’s a book you want to read more of or not.

You can sign up to receive free notifications by e-mail whenever a new downloadable summary is posted to their web site.

What book are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?