Compassion ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 12}

by Sami

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Day 12: Compassion

Compassion Raising Uncommon Kids

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We made it! In this final day and final chapter, we finally tackle the topic of compassion – the ultimate goal of raising uncommon kids.

How, what, and when we communicate to our children affects not only our relationship with them but ultimately their worldview; it’s a parent’s job to help kids embrace God’s richest blessings and have a heart to heal a hurting world.

Once children recognize the ripple effect that can take place by simply touching one life around them, the results are powerful and culture-changing. When we magnify the principles we’ve been modeling for them in our home and around town, it only stands to reason that our choices would impact the world as well.

Mentor Mom Moment: I couldn’t think of a more important final Mentor Mom Moment than from my own mom. Not only has she lived in many parts of the world, but as someone who also came to know Christ later in life, her unique perspective on compassion is one we can all learn from.

Tweet: Though each of us is unique and worthy in the eyes of God, we all shine brighter when we work together. ~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Make it PracticalUse Social Media – An especially good idea for teens is to encourage them to use their social media accounts to give a voice and attention to those who cannot speak for themselves.
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