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DeWafelbakkers Pancake Star: Vote for Sami Cone!


It’s official, I’m a finalist in the De Wafelbakkers Pancake Star contest… so now it’s time to vote for Sami Cone!

There are 9 of us bloggers who made videos at when we were at the Blissdom conference – and mine was one that was chosen 🙂

From what I understand, the winner will represent De Wafelbakkers in future promotions and – oh yeah – win free pancakes for a year.

I have to admit, I was very hesitant about the product the ‘first time we met’. We were at my mother-in-law’s in Florida and when I saw the pancakes in a bag come out of the freezer, I was a little nervous.

Not being a big fan of pre-made pancakes, I didn’t even try them for myself at the time. It wasn’t until I came across them at Blissdom and heard they were carried at Whole Foods that I decided to give them a shot.

Knowing that Whole Foods Market has very strict requirements for what type of products they allow in their store, I felt at ease that they were filled with wholesome goodness. Take a look the Flaxseed Buckwheat Berry Pancakes are described on the De Wafelbakkers website:

…Bite into their soft texture and experience a full flavor explosion. These are not boring pancakes you have to cover with syrup. In fact, you may enjoy them with just a bit of fruit on top. But it’s what we put in them that makes the biggest difference. Our pancakes contain the nutrition you need to get your day started, including omega-3 ALA (1000 mg/serving) from flaxseed which supports overall health. And remember, there is no cholesterol, no trans-fat, and no artificial colors or preservatives!

So now it comes down to this – I’d love the opportunity to represent DeWafelbakkers…but I need your help!

Please ‘like’ my video on the DeWafelbakkers Facebook page. Everyone can only vote one time, so please share the link too! Voting ends on March 26, 2012 – so get clicking people!