Disney Teen Beach Movie DVD Review

by Sami

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I remember first seeing the previews for Disney Teen Beach Movie when we were in the theater at another Disney movie event.

My initial thought was, “there is no way I’m going to let my kids watch that.”

Although we love most things Disney, I don’t allow my kids to watch the Disney Channel, except for Disney Junior. At the ages of six and nine, I’m just not ready to expose them to preteen shows that have a bunch of drama and nonsense; I figure there is enough time for that later when they will actually be asking for it.

To me, this movie seemed to represent everything I was trying to protect my kids from.

I was wrong…and that’s why I wanted to share this Disney Teen Beach Movie DVD review with all of you!

When Teen Beach Movie aired on a Friday night, which happens to be our family fun night when we typically eat pizza and watch a movie, it was hard to resist their plea to have that be our selection for the evening.

My husband is out of town, so I decided that as I sat and watched it with them, if anything questionable came up, we would simply turn it off… And I wasn’t afraid to tell them exactly that.

The more we watched, the more even I got sucked in today catchy tunes and the story that was reminiscent of the best of the old classics that I had loved so much. It gave me a vehicle to talk to them about the new genre of musicals and to even tell them about some of my favorites like West side story on which this movie, I can only assume, was very loosely based.

As you all now, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with dance, and this movie did not disappoint in that area. The choreography, while still embracing all the classic beach movie moves, was actually quite intricate for what I would’ve expected from a teen movie.

And of course there’s the music.

I feel like they took the best elements of the Beach boys, Grease, and the Mouseketeers to create original songs that both kids and parents could enjoy over and over again together.

In fact, my son has never asked to listen to music before and all you want to do is listen to the music from Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack.

I suppose it goes without saying how my kids feel about it, but just in case you’re wondering, here is a sign I found he had made after picking him up from church the other day:
disney teen beach movie dvd review

Yes, he believes it was the best movie ever made…EVER>

You can watch the trailer for yourself here:

All that being said, I found myself eating my words. If you’re looking for a fun movie that may even help you transition your kids into watching some of your favorite old

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