Disney Wish Movie Review {Daily Dash: November 17, 2023}

by Sami

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Have you made a wish lately? If not, you’re definitely going to want to after hearing my honest Disney Wish movie review…

Disney Wish Movie Review {Daily Dash: November 17, 2023}


I saw an early screening of the new Disney animated movie, “Wish”, and it showcases everything you love about Disney animation: great humor, incredible music, adorable characters, and memorable music.

This movie is not only everything we’ve been waiting for, but it’s a conglomeration of everything we love about all the Disney animated films of all time! It’s a true Disney 100 movie.

It’s similar to what happen in Enchanted: it embodied all the highlights of Disney Princess movies we’ve come to know and love. This is exactly what happens in Disney Wish to the extreme!

It’s every nod to every character, the best music, the storybook opening at the beginning, the city it’s set in and even similar characters. There are Easter Eggs woven throughout that Disney fans will love.

Ariana DeBose plays Asha, the main character. Chris Pine plays Magnifico, the benevolent king turned villain.

And without giving anything away, PLEASE stay for the very end scene. I cried like a baby!

You can see Disney Wish in theaters beginning on November 22, 2023.


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  • Apple will soon bring iMessage to Android users
  • the Kelce brothers release a Christmas song that tops Taylor Swift
  • National Homemade Bread Day & National Baklava Day


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