Easy Desk Organizers

by Sami

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I constantly feel like I’m cleaning and attempting to organize my daughter’s desk. While my mother (who is truly like Martha!) made it with her own two hands of her own design, there are not any drawers to put things in, so it is constantly scattered with pens, papers and other assorted items a 5 year old collects!

So imagine my delight when I could kill two birds with one stone – recycle and organize! I took an old cereal box and cut it to organize coloring pages and papers she was working on and wanted easy access to and also cut off the top of a small box of tea bags to hold all her sight words and flash cards. It’s amazing what a small thing like that can do for my sanity. Now if I can only get her to keep it there…

Click HERE to find more info on Martha’s cereal box organizers.

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