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Cleaning Tips from the Pros

clean,cleaning,momAre you lucky if you get a shower in the morning, let alone keep your house clean & organized? I hear ya!

I’ve tried to implement Martha Stewart’s top 6 daily tips to at least keep some semblance of cleanliness in my house on a regular basis, but I still appreciate any tips & tricks I can get!

That’s why I love a post I just read over on I Dream of Clean. New friend and fellow Nashville blogging buddy Christine has 10 great cleaning tips from the pros. Here are a few of my favorites, but be sure to click over to her site to read the full list!

* Schedule, schedule, schedule.

When a professional cleans a house, they have a set amount of time. They schedule appointments, commit to a time frame, and finish on time. If we schedule a two hour time block on our calendar to clean, that should help us start and stop on time.

* Motivation.

Getting motivated to clean can be a lot like getting motivated to work out. Music helps! Listen to something upbeat and fun. Consider creating a playlist just for cleaning!

* Stay Focused.

Pros don’t stop to watch TV or check email (or twitter, or facebook, or skype, or….you get the idea) so if we want to clean like the pros it’s probably best that we remove our distractions as well.

* Clean top to bottom and side to side.

In order to make the best use of our time, we should clean top to bottom and side to side. Clean everything in one spot and keep moving. Professionals don’t move back and forth across one room or multiple rooms. They clean everything in their path and work their way out the door.

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