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Martha Stewart’s Cook’s Helper


Curious about the helper in Martha Stewart’s kitchen these days? Want some help in your own kitchen.

Well now Martha is offering you her very own kitchen helpers. No, that doesn’t mean she’ll send someone over to cook for you (I wish!). What she has created are three very useful guides to post in your kitchen and keep handy as reference tools.

Ever wonder what pan to use when you don’t have the one the recipe calls for? Still don’t know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Wonder how how sugar has to get  before it burns? Instead of the trial and error method some of us have been using oh-so-ineffectively for so many years, why not try printing her cook’s helpers onto cardstock, laminating them, and keeping them on your fridge?

What has been your biggest kitchen mishap lately? I was just talking about adding some bursts of red to my kitchen, so here’s a free way to start!