Ep 24 August 2021: Top Chef Winner, Self-Care, Morning Routines & More

by Sami

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The August 2021 episode of The Sami Cone Show is helping you transition from summer to back to school with easy ideas for everything from meals and morning routines to scheduling and self-care.

We kick off today’s show with a recipe you can adapt for everyone in your family from Top Chef winner, Kelsey Barnard Clark. Then, I consult with a life coach to get tips on simplifying our schedules and prioritizing self-care.

After that, I’m asking a friend and fellow online entrepreneur to help us put all that advice into practical terms for our daily lives.

Finally, I share how to maximize your morning routine to both reduce stress and save money.

Episode 24 of The Sami Cone Show aired on Friday, August 13, 2021 and re-aired on Saturday, August 14.

The Sami Cone Show: Episode 24 Show Segments {August 2021}

Jewelry provided by Kendra Scott Green Hills; Dress provided by Lilly Pulitzer of The Mall at Green Hills

Top Chef Winner, Kelsey Barnard Clark

If anyone can help us multi-task while simplifying meal prep, it’s the woman who won Top Chef Season 16 less than a year after having her first child, Kelsey Barnard Clark. Kelsey shared a versatile dish that can be adapted to make any member of your family happy.

Kelsey won season 16 of Top Chef and hails from Kentucky, is the mother of two small children and owns the wildly popular KBC restaurant. Kelsey’s first cookbook, Southern Grit, came out on August 10 and is available wherever books are sold.

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Mental health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds since the Olympics, but these are not new issues (especially considering the year we’ve just had). But how do we prioritize our own self-care while also taking care of those we love?

That’s exactly why I’ve asked Jamie George, an executive coach and relational alchemist, to help explain how scheduling and self-care are not selfish.

Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Back to School

Our guests gave us a lot of ways to make self-care and scheduling a priority, but what does that look like in real life? I asked a fellow online entrepreneur, author, mom of 5 kids, and good friend, Audrey McClelland, to help break it all down for us.

Audrey talks about everything from how to have your kids help make your day run more smoothly to what hindsight has taught her when it comes to the misnomer of ‘balancing’ work and home life.

How to Simplify Your Morning Routine

A great day starts with what you do the night before. I’m helping you maximize your time and money with these practical tips!

Before I Go, I Need You to Know: It’s OK to Celebrate

Our family experienced a lot of celebrations in the last month, including my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, and my mom’s 75th birthday.

As we sat down at a steakhouse we’d never been to for her birthday dinner, my kids became visibly uncomfortable and shocked by the prices. After putting their minds to ease, it gave us the opportunity to teach them an important lesson: it’s OK to celebrate. 

We don’t eat like that every day, but that’s exactly why we live the way we do: we save where we can so we can spend where we want. We may have routines and rhythms most days, but it’s OK to veer away from those on special occasions. And even more so, that’s why we do what we do on a daily basis, to not only make moments like those possible, but extra special.

They also learned that if someone wants to treat them, don’t rob them of that joy. I reminded them of the excitement they feel when they give someone they love a unique gift. So when someone wants to do the same for them, they should accept it with equal excitement and immense gratitude.

We’ve heard reminders from some amazing individuals today that not only is self-care not selfish, it’s necessary. So as we all prepare to head into this next season, let’s plan and prioritize, but let’s also not forget to celebrate, both big milestones as well as everyday opportunities. 

After all, it’s the small wins that propel us to reach our grandest goals! And as James 1:17 reminds us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.”

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Wardrobe Sponsor: Lilly Pulitzer

The Lilly Pulitzer Abigale Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

Warning: you will LOVE this dress regardless of how you feel about Lilly Pulitzer.

I say that because I’ve had several people say (to my face) this week that they aren’t huge fans of Lilly Pulitzer (or what they thought they knew about Lilly dresses), yet they LOVE this dress.

I will also warn you not to judge the Abigale Midi dress by how it looks on the hanger. I was not immediately impressed by this dress when I saw it in the store, but as soon as I put it on I knew I needed it! It’s so soft and comfortable, yet flattering. I also know it will pack well.

I’m wearing a Large and it does run a little big. I also know that if I gain or lose weight, it will transition well with me.

I literally had a woman stop me from getting on an elevator to ask me about this dress. I hope this boho-chic style proves that Lilly isn’t just about neon prints and shift dresses!

Shop the Lilly Pulitzer Abigale Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

Jewelry Provided by Kendra Scott

I’ll be honest. I went into Kendra Scott this month with no idea what jewelry I wanted to go with my outfit.

Actually, that’s a lie. In a Kendra Scott email, I discovered their newest stackable ring set was named “Karis”! While it is one “s” short of how I spell my daughter’s name, I still couldn’t believe it and knew I had to have it. And it just may be my favorite set of stackable rings they’ve ever made…

Thanks to the expert stylists at Kendra Scott in Nashville (Green Hills), we were able to pair one of their new necklaces with a statement hoop that complimented my dress perfectly.

Here are quick links to the Kendra Scott jewelry I wore on the August show:

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