My Favorite Disney Social Media Moms Sponsors: Disneyland 2014

by Sami

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Disney Social Media Moms LogoWhile I was by no means required to write about the sponsors of the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I was thrilled to discover Disney partnered with some brands our family already loved, along with others that we came to love after learning more at the event.

Of course, I’d be a fool to think that any event would be possible without the support of sponsors, so I also wanted to thank these sponsors in particular for believing enough in the power that we, as social media moms, carry when we share our collective voice.

Let me start by sharing some of my favorites with you…

I was hoping when I heard we’d be getting a surprise by participating in the Run Disney Fun Run, that meant we’d receive a pair of New Balance running shoes, and I was correct! While I’ve never considered myself a runner, I’ve always considered myself an athlete and with that, running has always played a part in my training. I’ve worn New Balance shoes for years because they’re the only shoe brand that not only fits my foot well, but provides the level of comfort and support that my feet require.

Of course, you can’t go to a theme park like Disneyland for an entire day without snacks. But finding healthy, non-bread-like snacks can be difficult. Enter GoGo Squeez. I hate to sound like a commercial, but my kids love them because they taste good and I love them because of what is (and isn’t!) in them. Plus, they’re designed to be portable! And with more than eight flavor varieties now, every member of the family can find a GoGo Squeez to love.

I still remember visiting the shops at 900 North Michigan Avenue with my mom every Christmas and begging to stop in H2O Plus each and every year. The brightly colorful products and displays drew me in, but it was the quality of the products that kept bringing me back year after year, even as a teenager. H2O plus surprised us all with a goodie bag filled with their NEW ? LINE and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I literally almost bought a CC cream right before the trip, so I was delighted to see that, along with other products in the bag to try as part of their 3 step routine.

After receiving an American Tourister for being a Disney Side Celebration hostess, I was excited to find another piece of their luggage on my front door before this trip. While I loved the bright colors of the piece they sent for #DisneySMmoms, I have to admit I preferred the form and functionality of the suitcase we received as part of the #DisneySide kit. Regardless of your preference, we felt good knowing we could travel with such a trusted name.

While I’d never heard of Taylor Morrison before the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, they inspired me from the moment we met in the registration expo. They provided each attendee with a special electrical outlet that not only accommodates conventional plugs, but allows you to plug your USB cord into it directly! Now if that isn’t every bloggers dream, I don’t know what is!

Though not an official sponsor of the DSSM celebration, I won a gift certificate to Shari’s Berries from Taylor Morrison and because those chocolate covered strawberries are consistently delicious as they are beautiful, I felt they deserved special mention here 🙂

As the official car rental company of Disney Parks, Alamo also stepped up and sponsored not only our main conference day session, but also the final breakfast of our event, which happened to take place after our fun run in Cars Land. We’ve always found Alamo to provide great service at a great value, even though we didn’t need to take advantage of their services on this trip because…

…we drove the Kia Sorento thanks to Drive STI! That’s right, I partnered with Drive STI to test drive the Kia Sorento during our time in LA. When I first started talking with Drive STI, I thought our car requirements were quite simple: we desired a vehicle that could fit our family of four with ample room for our suitcases and plenty of windows for seeing the sights! They delivered with a Kia Sorento, a clever, comfy and stylish crossover SUV with dual sunroof and navigation to guide us all around the West Coast. Needless to say, it was sad to say goodbye when our week was over.

Last but not least, I learned Nikon USA partnered to help put on the event as well. While I didn’t win the amazing camera they gave away, I can still hold out hope for the future, right? After all, what better place to practice your photography skills then Disney Parks?

We also received other great goodies in our bags from brands like M&Ms, Joeffrey’s Coffee, Build-A-Bear Workshop and more, but I really wanted to thank these presenting sponsors for helping to make such a magical event happen!

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