Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These 5 Home Improvement Projects

by brenna

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This is a guest post contributed by Miriam Bornstein

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These 5 Home Improvement Projects

Some home improvement projects present opportunities to make big changes without requiring you to spend a fortune or commit hours of your time. The trick is knowing which shortcut projects deliver such benefits. Curious?

Read on to learn about five home improvement projects that offer the most bang for your buck.

1) Paint a Wall

Painting a wall is one of the easiest ways to transform your room without breaking the bank. Spice up your interiors with color by incorporating bold paint hues, such as red, green and blue, to complement stark, white walls. If you’re feeling daring, add depth and dimension by painting stripes or other patterns. Horizontal lines visually increase a room’s width, while vertical stripes add the illusion of extra height. Another way to enliven bland interiors is by utilizing a fifth wall. Add warmth and drama by painting deep shades of purple or green on the ceiling. If you’re only tackling a single wall, you can complete this project with one can of paint.

2) Rearrange Existing Furniture

Rearranging furniture optimizes your living space without costing a dime. Start by establishing a focal point – a fireplace or unique piece of artwork – and then rearranging your furniture around it. Instead of placing all of your furniture around the perimeter of the room, create balance by placing the largest piece of furniture against the wall, while floating smaller pieces in more centralized positions. Rearranging furniture also allows you to recycle preexisting items. If you no longer use your bedroom side table, move it into the living room to store magazines, DVDs and TV remotes.

3) Repurpose Furniture

Embrace your creativity by breathing new life into secondhand items. Visit a secondhand store or yard sale before investing in new furniture or household décor. Turn an eclectic lamp base into a flower vase or transform an old dresser into a vintage bookshelf. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, play up its contemporary features by repainting the legs, staining the wood or adding glass to the center of the table. Secondhand buys and refinishing costs only as much as you’re willing to spend.

4) Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting can make or break the appearance of a room. Consider replacing sconces, chandeliers or other light fixtures for quick décor improvements. When updating light fixtures, purchase eco-friendly light bulbs to save energy and reduce bills. For other energy-efficient lighting options, opt for candles to create a cozy atmosphere, or place a mirror across from your original light source to create the illusion of increased lighting. Improving lighting can be free if you’re just swapping around the placement of a mirror or cost less than $50 to replace fixtures with LED bulbs; manage your upgrades by your budget.

5) Increase Storage

Capitalize on your home’s storage potential. Simple additions like coat hooks allow you to utilize your vertical wall space to hang jackets, jewelry or scarves. If your walls are already full, stow additional storage under your bed, couch or living room chairs. If you have a bookshelf that’s only halfway full, place wire baskets or cloth bins into empty shelves to hold anything from board games to batteries. Even if you think you have no space to spare, there’s always an opportunity to increase your storage. Again, this project is on the cheaper side depending on how many storage improvements you add.

It’s often implied that home improvement projects cost a lot of money. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to see significant changes. Creating minor alterations without spending a fortune is possible. Start with these five home improvement tips and then look to Zillow Digs for additional inspiration.


**I was honored to ask to contribute to this series for Zillow that was also picked up by Yahoo! Homes. Hope to see each of you around Music City soon.**

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