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Guilt Free Customer Service: Whole Foods Wednesdays


One of the things that kept me from shopping at Whole Foods Market for so long, other than the fact that I thought I couldn’t afford it (which we now know is false!), was my other assumption that the people who worked there would act superior to me.

I assumed wrong. In fact, the opposite was true.

From the moment I first walked into Whole Foods, not only did I feel welcome, but anyone I stopped to look at would ask me if I was finding everything ok. At one point I asked how a certain type of apple tasted and the employee literally cut into one on the spot for me to try!

Find out more about their Guilt Free Customer Service in this week’s Whole Foods Wednesdays video:

Here is a recap of how the Guilt Free Customer Service at Whole Foods Market can help you save money and make your experience even more positive:

1. Whole Foods Market offers complimentary carry-out service. That means that if you need it, a Whole Foods Market team member will help take your groceries out to your car.

2. Also, are you curious to try a new product, but not sure if you’ll like it?  Whole Foods Market has a 100% return policy, which means that you can return any product for any reason if you are not satisfied with it.

3. Bring in your own bags, and you’ll be credited ten cents for each bag at checkout.

4. Free Kids Club: Stop by customer service and let your kids grab a free, healthy snack – everything from fresh fruit to organic crackers & cookies.

Thanks for coming back each week to learn more about Eating Healthy on a Budget at Whole Foods. If you’d like to learn more about how to save money in your local Whole Foods Market, stop by customer service and ask for a “Value Tour”.

Do you have any more questions about how to save at Whole Foods? Let me know and we might include it in a future series!