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Help Me Help You…

Photo by Cieleke

I have a pretty big question to ask: Will you help me help you?

I was challenged recently not to ‘create’ anything else on my blog until I know why I’m creating it.

I’ve always said I do what I do to help you, my friends. But the question stopped me in my tracks.

I began to  wonder, “Am I helping you in the way you want or need to be helped?”

I talk about a lot of things on here because they’re all a part of me: my family, my savings journey, my faith, my constant quest for health,   our family’s love of being on the go and of course, all things Disney!

But if none of these things are of value to any of you, than ultimately this blog is simply a time-sucking journal 😉

Well, that’s not entirely true. I write because I love to.

I teach because it’s my passion.

I pass on what’s been given to me because of a promise to those who have blazed the trail before me.

I also recognize that the things we assume everyone knows are often the things that most need to be taught.

So I decided to put that question out to you all: What do I share that you find most useful? Or better yet, what would you like me to share more about?

Don’t worry, I have a thick skin. Be honest. I’m simply curious to discover whether or not what I think is important on here actually speaks to you or not 😉

I look forward to hearing from you!