Honest Oppenheimer Movie Review

by Sami

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I saw an early screening of the new Christopher Nolan film, Oppenheimer. After sitting for three hours and nine seconds, I can confidently say Oppenheimer is the film all other movies will be measured up against from this point forward.

Watch my honest Oppenheimer movie review:

My Honest Oppenheimer Movie Review

First of all, if you don’t want to read any further, hear me when I say this movie lived up to the hype.

Yes, it is worth your time and money to see Oppenheimer.

It is brilliant. It is remarkable. It is a new classic. Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece.

The Oppenheimer Cast is Incredible

I could not believe all the actors I knew in the cast. I also couldn’t believe I didn’t know the actor in the starring role, Cillian Murphy. Murphy transformed into the role and will surely be nominated for a Best Actor award.

Speaking of unrecognizable, I didn’t recognize Robert Downey Jr. until about ten minutes into the film. His characterization of Lewis Strauss also drove the film (though the early explanation of the pronunciation of his last name stood out to me since my maiden name is Strauss and I like to think we pronounce it more traditionally).

The ladies fighting for Oppenheimer’s affection included Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt. I should also mention there some fairly graphic sex scenes between Murphy & Pugh with visible nudity, so you may want to think twice before bringing your children to the theater to watch. That aside, both ladies are formidable in their roles and provide a different insight into the man Oppenheimer was.

Other cast standouts include Matt Damon as Leslie Groves and Tom Conti as Albert Einstein. I was simultaneously shocked and surprised to also see appearances by Rami Malik, Matthew Modine, Gary Oldman, Casey Affleck and even Josh Hartnett.

“This film is a game-changer in modern filmmaking and you better watch it on the biggest screen you can find.”

Robert Downey, Jr. (Lewis Strauss)

Some May Experience Sensory Overload

If you or someone you know has sensory issues, this film may not be for you. There are several scenes with light blasts, loud sounds and IMAX-sized images of the solar system, fusion and fusion. (That last statement may not be completely scientifically accurate, but you get the gist).

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