How to make a Virgin Mojito Recipe

by Sami

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Have you ever wondered how to make a Virgin Mojito or even been looking for a Mojito recipe? Did you even know a Virgin Mojito existed??

I didn’t until my stay at Club Med Sandpiper Bay this week!

As someone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of alcohol, sometimes I feel left out during social hour, especially when the price of drinks are included at events or on vacation (like at Club Med!). However, I’d always heard that if you don’t like alcohol, you might like a mojito.

With it’s fresh mint and add-ins like pomegranate and berries, Mojito’s have greatly increased in popularity over recent years.

So when Nick held “Bartending School” for us bloggers and announced he was making a Watermelon Mojito, I thought I’d give it a shot.

While it looked beautiful, it was still WAY too strong for this girl.


Seeing Sprite next to him, I asked why it was there. He told me he had heard there were some “non-drinkers” in the group (were we that obvious?), so it was to make a Virgin Mojito!


We couldn’t believe it! A fun AND fresh drink for those of us who would rather be considered ‘cheap dates’ than ‘party poopers’? Our answer, “YES PLEASE!!!!!”

So Nick whipped up a delightful concoction that I only wish I had discovered YEARS ago. And so here it is, the Virgin Mojito Recipe as prepared by Nick the bartender at Club Med Sandpiper Bay:



A few variations you may want to try:
* To make it a “Skinny” Virgin Mojito, use Splenda or Stevia instead. I’ve even heard Agave works well!
* If this version is too sweet, use half Sprite/half Club Soda
* Mix in berries, watermelon or other fresh fruit when you “muddle”

I guarantee this will be one of your new favorite drinks that EVERYONE in the family can enjoy together!


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joe June 30, 2012 - 12:40 pm

great mojito recipe thanks for sharing, i will try it at home tonight 🙂

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