I’m going to the Savvy Blogging Summit 2011

by Sami

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savvybloggingsummitWell, with all that’s happened these past couple weeks, I wasn’t sure if this day would come, but here I am! I’m going to the Savvy Blogging Summit 2011!

The Savvy Blogging Summit is s three day event in Colorado Springs from July 14-16, 2011 designed to, essentially, help turn your blog into a business. I’ve been blogging now for a few years and for so long looked at it as a ‘service’ or a ‘ministry’ to those who followed me on this journey. But I’ve come to recognize, thanks to wise counsel, that if there is value in what you do or the service you provide, there is nothing wrong with charging for that service.

Does that mean this site will no longer be free? No.

In fact, you probably won’t notice any change on the front end. I’ll still be my transparent self sharing my life, my finds and of course, great deals! What it will mean is that I will approach my time on the website with more of a business mindset as opposed to a hobby mindset. For the sake of my own sanity, it’s time an actual plan is put in place, instead of haphazardly jumping on the computer whenever I have a chance.

It’s not just for me, it’s for my family.

I don’t want the image of me on a computer permanently burned on my children’s minds. I don’t want to be drawn to a computer screen every time it’s on like a moth to light.

I do want to share what I’ve learned so others can learn to. I do want to share my experiences so that others may benefit. And of course I want to continue telling you about how we love to live a good life and pursue our passions on less – I just want to do it with more of a purpose 🙂

So off I go to Colorado Springs to spend time with old friends Andrea, Toni, Amy & Crystal and hopefully make lots of new ones too!

I also want to give a shout out to two great organizations that helped make this trip possible: Quaver Music & Kroger iWireless (you’ll be hearing more about them later).

I’ll be bringing you reports and updates from my weekend, so be sure to stick around. You never know what you’ll learn 😉

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