Kids Consignment Sales

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Who doesn’t love consignment sales, especially for kids clothes since they grow out of them so fast! Ms. Cheap did a great job compiling a list of sales around the area and I wanted to share them with you so you can find some great stuff and save some money while doing it!  Plus, you could see which ones you could bring your unused kids clothes to and even make a little money as well!

Kids Consignment Sales

Here is a list of 13 sales:

Encores and More’s large 700-consignor Encores South children’s sale is set for Feb. 11-18 in the former Piggly Wiggly store at 1022 Columbia Pike in Franklin. They also will have an adult clothing and household goods consignment sale Feb. 21-25 in the same location. (Encores also has a sale in Hendersonville and one in Murfreesboro. See details below.)

The Kidz Klozet sale runs Feb. 22-25 in the UAW Banquet Hall, 125 Stephen P. Yokich Parkway in Spring Hill, behind Food Lion.

Once Around the Block consignment sale is Feb. 22-24 at West End Community Church, 235 White Bridge Road.

Oak Hill School consignment sale runs Feb. 23-25 at the school’s enrichment center on campus at 4815 Franklin Road.

The 300-consignor Reruns are Fun children’s and teen sale, which also has home goods and furniture and designer handbags, is set for Feb. 24-27 in Liberty Hall at the Factory at Franklin.

Brentwood United Methodist Church will have its sale March 3-4 at the church at 309 Franklin Road in Brentwood. 615-373-3663 or

The kids consignment sale at Otter Creek Church is set for March 3-4 at the church, 409 Franklin Road, in Brentwood.

Hooked on Consignment’s Sale is March 11-17, at 3216 Long Hollow Pike in Hendersonville.

The Consign and Co. consignment sale is March 7-11 at 1660 Middle Tennessee Blvd. in Murfreesboro (next to Fred’s). This 6-year-old sale has more than 250 consignors and features baby, children, teen and adult clothing, as well as home decor and furniture.

Little Sprouts upscale consignment sale is set for March 9-11 at 1022 Columbia Ave. in Franklin.

The Encores North sale, with 300 consignors, is March 8-11 in the Concentra Building in the Rivergate area behind Logan’s Roadhouse.

Ladies of Charity spring and summer sale opens April 7 for six weeks at the shop at 2216 State St. The sale features clothing for the whole family, and proceeds help the needy. 615-327-3453.

Encores Murfreesboro is set for April 8-13 at 1660 Middle Tennessee Blvd. (Fred’s Shopping Center) in Murfreesboro.

She also gave some great tips, so here is her list of tips on how to get the best out of consignment sales.

Tips for shoppers

• The best time to shop is at the presales you’re invited to join if you are a consignor or a volunteer. The next-best options are shopping early on opening day, when the selection is best, or on the half-price day at the end of the sales.

• Know what you are looking for, along with sizes and approximate retail prices. Some of these sales are huge and can be overwhelming, so it really helps if you know exactly what you need.

• Inspect everything to be sure there are no flaws and that you really want whatever it is. Most sales do not accept returns.

• Be prepared to stand in line. Although most of the sales are more efficient with checkout these days, many still have long checkout lines early in their sales.

• Compare prices. Not only should you have a way to check internet prices with your phone or iPad as you shop, but it is wise to compare the prices of identical items in the sale. Because consignors price their own items, prices can vary significantly.

• Bring a laundry basket or mesh shopping bag to carry your items as you shop.

• Some sales do not accept checks, others don’t take credit cards, and some charge an extra dollar for credit card purchases. Good to know ahead.

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