Kroger iWireless No Contract Phone – Free Minutes when you Shop

by Sami

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kroger-iwirelessI mentioned yesterday that I’ll be at the Savvy Blogging Summit in Colorado Springs this weekend and that Kroger iWireless helped me get here.

What? You didn’t know that Kroger has a joint venture with a private label wireless provider that runs on the Sprint network and is only sold in Kroger and it’s banner stores?? 😉 That’s ok, neither did I until recently. But I’m sure glad I know now!

Phones are a funny thing. You think you like one, but then you don’t and then you find yourself stuck in a 2 year contract with a plan you don’t like. Well no more. With iWireless, there is never a contract, activation fee or termination fee.

Great, right?

But get this: what makes them truly unique is their Loyalty Program. When you use your Kroger Rewards Card to shop, you earn 20 free minutes for every $100 you spend!

I already hear the cynic in you: “What about if I’m already on the unlimited plan?” (which is only $60 a month, by the way, and a great deal as well). Easy. For every $100 in qualified purchases, you earn $1 towards your bill…and there’s no limit? What’s even better is that you can link 2 Kroger Rewards Card to one phone, so you can earn rewards twice as fast! Plus, you still keep earning your Fuel Rewards right alongside your wireless rewards…it’s a Win-Win!

I went with the LG phone pictured above. I’ve had such a hard time finding a phone that I like to talk on as much as I like to ‘work’ on, and so far, this has been a great collaboration of both worlds for me. And now through September, there are 3 phones you can get for FREE when you buy an air time card in the store.

Trusted Network. No Contract. Dedicated Call Center. Free Phones….AND I can do it all at my local Kroger store. What’s not to love?

I hope you guys take the time to check them out. Even if there’s not a kiosk yet in your Kroger (or banner) store, you can still buy the airtime cards or just check out iWireless online.

I want to thank them, both for helping make this trip possible and introducing me to a product and service that I can really see making a difference in my daily life and budget!

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