How to Maximize Your Memberships

by Sami

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Chances are, you are already paying for membership into a warehouse like Costco, a group like AAA, or even some sort of insurance, but what you might not know is that those memberships come with added benefits in other areas! Here are just a few to ask about…

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How to Maximize your Memberships

Sam's Club


Because of these larger groups, you can often find steep discounts on travel to some of your favorite destinations around the world. Even if the price isn’t discounted, you’ll usually receive some sort of bonus for booking through them, like a room upgrade, an on-board credit for a cruise or even a gift card! And remember, their booking services are free, so take advantage of their experts, even if you’re just researching the trip of your dreams.

Buy 2 Nashville Shores passes for just $45!


Most of these memberships will offer free or reduced admission to many attractions around the country, including amusement parks, water parks, zoos, aquariums and museums. And yes, we’re talking about those famous theme parks like you know and love, everything from Disney to Dollywood. Just make sure to check dates the discounts are valid before you travel because they are sometimes only for off-peak dates.

The Daily Dash: April 23, 2018 {@Dollywood #SpringMix, @MargaritavilleIslandHotel & @StSomewhereSpa}

Get the best deal at Dollywood!


Here are just a sampling of the entertainment categories I’ve found discounts on from my insurance provider:
* Movies
* Concerts
* Sporting Events

Emergency Help

While you know you’re going to get roadside assistance when you purchase AAA, did you know you can often receive similar emergency help from other memberships? This is especially true of certain credit cards & insurance plans.


With my Disney Visa from Chase, I also earn free Disney Dollars, not to mention discounts off of my Disney Store purchases and even free photo opportunities at Walt Disney World and other members-only benefits.


Speaking of credit cards, when you book travel or make purchases with certain credit cards, they will extend the warranty on certain products and offer additional coverage on things like rental cars (Not to mention savings on rental cars).

Identity Theft Protection

Many of these groups now offer free identity theft protection, or at least monitoring. This is helpful to keep an eye on your accounts, even if it doesn’t provide the million dollar guarantee companies like some of the paid versions.

Restaurant Discounts

Yes, you can even get restaurant deals through your insurance memberships. For instance, I can get 25% off any online order at Papa Johns thanks to my car/home insurance.

How Membership Discounts Work

You may be wondering how or why some of these membership discounts work. Think about it: if you’re going to an amusement park with a school or booking a hotel for an event, these entities will typically offer a group discount. Your membership makes you part of a permanent group, so entities are happy to pass savings on to you.

The truth is, these businesses also get some free advertising from being affiliated with membership clubs like Costco or AAA, so it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Other Memberships with Discounts

In addition to checking you memberships you already have for benefits, be sure to look into membership benefits from affinity and alumni groups you may also be a part of. This could be a school you graduated from or even a community group you participate in. Sure, the discounts typically increase as your level of membership increases, but you never know until you ask (or, in today’s world, until you click on their site or app!).

How to Get Discount Memberships

So I know what you’re thinking: “Is it really worth it to pay to save?”. As mentioned above, some of these discounts come with groups you’re already paying for anyone (such as insurance or an alumni group). But if you’re looking to get an even better deal, keep your eye on discount sites like Groupon, who, just this summer, had discount memberships for both Sam’s Club & Costco.

Sam's Club
I’ve also seen Sam’s Club offer free one-day passes so you can see if membership is really right for you and your family.

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