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Meal Plan Monday: July 30, 2012

monday-meal-plan Here’s my Meal Plan Monday for the week of July 30, 2012.

I’m noticing a trend for our Augusts…it seems to be a time of great uncertainty and fluctuation with summer ending, school beginning and the crop of other things that always seem to emerge to disrupt our schedules AND budgets. So this year, as last year, we’re planning to eat as exclusively from our stockpile as possible.

Of course we’ll still be taking advantage of our local farmer’s market for fresh eggs & produce. And I know we’ll be eating out some because our anniversary is the 2nd & my mom’s birthday is the 5th, which makes sticking to a strict budget even more important this month.

I’ve also been talking about another free meal planning service besides this blog, “Food on the Table”. You can still get it for free, but only with this unique code: SUMMERFREE. This is a great way to get new ideas for your own meal plan…PLUS you can choose to tailor it around your favorite stores to shop at!

I’m keeping breakfast & lunch the same this week just to streamline our process. Feel free to fill-in with what works better for your family.

Keep in mind, we base a lot of  our dinners below on the  Whole Foods meal plan from eMeals, (just remember that if you want the actual recipes, you’ll have to subscribe to eMeals yourself 😉

MondayEggs & GritsChicken & cheese roll upsLasagna with salad
TuesdaySmoothiesSalami & Cheese “lunchable”Risoto with corn & basil
WednesdayGreek Yogurt with honey & berriesVegetables & HummusChicken Stir Fry Wraps
ThursdayOatmealCheesy QuesadillasAnniversary Dinner! (this involves steak 😉
FridayWafflesTurkey & Cheese sandwichesPasta with Goat Cheese & Roasted Asparagus
SaturdayCerealStrawberry Spinach SaladSpicy Mini Burgers
SundayEggs & ToastLeftoversPot Roast with carrots & potatoes