“Mom Models at WayFM Girls Day Out Fashion Show”

by Sami

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“Mom Models at WayFM Girls Day Out Fashion Show”

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the cover story of the New York times. Heck, I don’t even know if it made it to the local paper, but for some reason, the video of my kids walking the runway wasn’t enough for y’all and the gossip columnists. So, without further adieu:

It should come as no surprise that there is much more video footage of our kids than me, but I have to give my husband props for trying to work both the camera and the camcorder at the same time while cheering for all three of us 🙂 Here are a few pics as well (you’ll notice I loved the jacket from Lulu’s so much that I wore it on Talk of the Town last month too!)

Fawn Weaver Record Holder

I want to give a special shout out to Joni at Sephora in the Green Hills Mall who helped make me look beautiful for my Nashville runway debut. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but she is truly a Frugal Mom’s friend! She was very knowledgable about ALL the products at Sephora (and that’s saying a lot!) while also being sensitive to my budget.

I also visited Jackie at Origina Salon in Cool Springs where I used my Groupon to get my hair cut & highlighted. Origina is an Aveda Salon and I have to admit, it was nice not having to do my own foils for the first time in a long time! Don’t you love the way my hair flows and bounces while I walk 😉

And for those of you coveting my wardrobe at the event, be sure to visit Lulu’s Clothing Company in Franklin, TN. Just mention “Sami Cone” and you’ll receive 20% off your purchase!

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