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Monday's Menu Plan: 9/21

It’s Moving Week!
Ok, so we’re only moving about a mile away, but still, after only being in Nashville for nine months now we still have boxes we didn’t unpack the first time, let alone repack! That being said, you’ll notice we’re eating out of our pantry a lot this week, eating up what’s in our fridge, and keeping with one main theme: CONVENIENCE! Hence a lot of Mexican, pasta, sandwiches and things we can pick up quick!

Hopefully I’ll be back to my healthy and inventive ways next week, but for now please pray we get enough sleep and nourishment to see us through this week 🙂 Do you have any favorite quick, on the go meals? Please share them below!

MondayBaked Apples & Raisins Egg salad on lettuce cups Soft Tacos with queso blanco
TuesdayFruit Oatmeal Salami & Cheese sandwiches Spaghetti with garlic & olive oil, mixed greens
WednesdayCereal & Yogurt Macaroni salad with cucumbers & pepper Chili & cornbread
ThursdayYogurt & granola Taco Salad Homemade Pizza 
FridayEggs & Grits Lunchables Any leftovers still in the fridge!!!
SaturdayMoving Day! (Hopefully we’ll eat something!) PB&J, pretzels Chick-fil-A after church (FREE sandwich here)
SundayBagels & Berries Bacon quiche Rotisserie Chicken with green beans & potatoes