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Monday's Menu Plan: September 7

Happy Labor Day!
I know many of you will be celebrating with family at BBQ’s and cookouts – enjoying this holiday that signifies the end of summer. My hubby is working, so while we won’t be eating the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs today, make sure you make enough of whatever you’re creating so that there are leftovers to share or turn into a second meal later in the week.

I’ve linked to a couple recipes for our dinners, but that doesn’t mean that I follow those recipes exactly. For example, I like doing the penne on Sunday with just green beans and I even throw some Feta cheese into my pesto to add another layer of flavor and creaminess. With the chicken rollatini, I like to put sundried tomatoes, feta and spinach inside (can you tell I like Greek food?!). As always, use this plan as an inspiration, not as a boundary.

I’m also realizing that as we’re still getting used to an everyday school schedule, cereal, yogurt, and/or oatmeal are becoming are weekly breakfast staples. However, don’t let that limit your morning creativity! (Plus we’re still stocked on free yogurt from last week!)

If you’re looking for more of my tips and tricks when it comes to Family Menu Planning on a Budget, be sure to turn into Talk of the Town tomorrow (9/8) at 11am CST on Nashville’s NewsChannel 5.

MondayCereal & Yogurt Salami & Cheese sandwiches Spinach Salad with Strawberries
TuesdayFruit Oatmeal PB&J, apples Rotisserie Chicken with roasted potatoes & veggies
WednesdayCereal & Yogurt Chicken Noodle soup & crackers Cheesy Taco Bake with salsa fresca
ThursdayCheese Toast & berries Ham & Cheese roll ups, applesauce Chicken rollatini with sauteed spinach & garlic
FridayCereal & Yogurt BBQ sandwiches with chips Homemade Pizza & green salad
SaturdayEggs in a Nest Sandwiches Chicken Vegetable Stew over egg noodles 
SundayPancakes with PB & Syrup Nachos Penne Pesto with Green Beans and garlic bread

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