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Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion: Day 3

Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion Day 3

But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded. – Genesis 8:1

The very first words of the very first sentence of today’s reading are perhaps the most poignant to me…

“But God remembered…”

Sometimes in this life, we feel alone. Other times we’re afraid. And so often, we feel like no one else could ever imagine exactly what we’re going through.

But God does. And He remembers us…

In the good and bad, in the dark and light, in the joy and pain…God remembers us.

In verse 13, the scriptures say that “by the first day of the month of Noah’s six hundred and first year, the water had dried up from the earth.”

601 years – talk about not in our own timing!

It wasn’t enough that Noah had to have faith to build an ark for a flood like the earth that had never seen. It wasn’t enough that God rescued Noah and his family while the rest of the earth was destroyed.
Noah and his family had to stretch their faith even more to wait for the waters to recede.

But God remembered them.

The Old Testament is filled with instances of God’s people experiencing His goodness in one moment and His consequences in another. Often times the very thing that gets us through the tough times are the memories of the good times and the promise of God to never give us more than we can stand up under.

So never forget that God remembers you.

Once A Day Bible Reading Plan & Devotion

Day: 3
Scripture: Genesis 8:1-11:32
You can use this daily Bible reading plan with any Bible, but it’s patterned from NIV Once-A-Day Bible: Chronological Edition (which you can buy by clicking the title or the image below).

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  1. Love your words for each day’s verses!

  2. Thank you Elaine! SO glad to have you along for this journey with me 🙂