Organic Deals at Kroger, Sam’s Club, Farmer’s Market

by Sami

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blue-diamond-almond-milkI just got back from a marathon morning at the West Nashville Farmers Market (which only has 2 weekends left), Sam’s Club & Kroger and found some GREAT organic deals I wanted you all to be aware of:

West Nashville Farmers Market

I got a gallon of Wildflower honey from Ed Johnson for only $45!
-10 oz of the same honey costs $10 at Whole Foods and local Wildflower honey is the best option for keeping allergies away.

Sam’s Club

I’ve been meaning to post about this for awhile and keep forgetting:
A 12oz package of Organic Raspberries is only $3.48! We went back to see if they still had some yesterday (which they did) and the kids TORE into them when we got home, so I went back today to get two more packages!

Sam’s Club is also my favorite place to get my Organic Mixed Greens – a 16oz tub of triple washed organic baby spring mix is always between $2.98 and $3.98…I’ve never found a better deal than that and it’s always ready for salads or sandwiches in my fridge.


I found one pound packages of organic carrots on Manager’s Special for only $.59! This usually means they’re nearing the end of their prime, but I’m going to go ahead and juice some of them and then shred or chop the rest and freeze them to use in my future cooking.

I also found Blue Diamond Almond Milk on sale for $2.99 each. I had $1 off coupons from previous purchases that I used and after I checked out, I received another Catalina Coupon for $1 off my next total grocery purchase at Kroger!

Kroger‘s Buy 10 Get $5 off deal also ends today. I didn’t find a lot worth while, but if any of you drink Coke (not that I recommend that you do!), you can get a 2 Liter for only 69 cents each when you buy 10.

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