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Pantry Solutions for Healthy Eating Plans: Bread & Grains

Are you ready to continue seeking pantry solutions for healthy eating plans? Our journey continues in week two with: Bread & Grains

Do you really have to give up bread to get healthy?

This week, we continue seeking out the worst food offenders when it comes to our breads and grains. Jenni Oates (from HealthyOates.com) is back to help us read labels and understand exactly what it is we’re putting into our bodies.

If you’re still in shock from last week’s cereal video, that’s ok, so am I! But I’ve also noticed a big difference in how I look and feel after only one week on my new eating plan, so I’m excited to keep going.

If you missed last week’s video on cereal, be sure to watch it before diving into this week’s video below. These weekly videos will walk you through pantry organization to help you learn what’s hurting your health and replace those with healthy foods to eat!

Remember, the bigger picture is to achieve better health for you and your family. So just think of this as cleaning out your pantry for a healthier you! We would much rather have you start making good choices and adding healthy foods before you toss everything that’s bad in your pantry closets. (After all, we don’t want your family to revolt and bail ship before you even set sail!)

As a reminder, we’re helping you along the road to healthier eating by examining the following pantry items:
-Canned Goods
-Baking Products

Watch our video below to learn more about Bread & Grains.

Healthy Eating Plans: Bread & Grains

This journey isn’t just about pantry organization, but it’s about healthier eating. I’m glad you’re sticking with us as we help you bring health to your home!

Remember to visit HealthyOates.com for the healthy baking/Bisquick mix Jenni referenced in the video.

Are you willing to give up your bread or even make a switch? Let us know how you embrace grains without sacrificing your health.