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Parenting in HD

During last week’s sermon at our home church in Florida, Christ Fellowship, Pastor Tom Mullins shared some great, practical and godly words on parenting.

I love sharing great resources, so if you’d like to listen to the entire sermon, you can click HERE. Otherwise, just take a quick look at the following outline and maybe one of the points will speak to you and your family today:
1. Establish your child’s spiritual foundation (Deut 6:5-7)
2. Lead by Example (1 Corinthians)
3. Have an unending stream of affirmation & affection
4. Create a spiritual environment at home (Josh 24:15)
5. Make home a safe place to communicate
6. Have clear boundaries (Eph 6:4)
7. Have a balanced presence in your kids’ lives)
8. Make home a welcome place
9. Equip your child for the cultural battle
10. Pray for and with your child
-everything of eternal importance begins with prayer