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Publix Grocery Store accepts Competitors Coupons


Did you know that Publix grocery store accepts competitors coupons? Hopefully by now you know that one the greatest ways to save money at the grocery store is to combine a sale with a coupon. It used to be easier when so many grocery stores excepted most competitors coupons. That isn’t so much the case anymore in our day of extreme couponing.

For instance, the Pubix in our town only accepts Food Lion and Target coupons because those are their direct competitors.

But I recently walked into another nearby Publix to discover that they also accepted Whole Foods coupons! Now for those of you familiar with the Whole Foods “Whole Deal”, you know that Whole Foods obviously has many healthier options and typically higher value coupons and you would find at your average grocery store or even in the Sunday newspaper.

So for all of you who say you cannot eat healthy on a budget or by clipping coupons, this once again reminds us that it is possible to save money and feed your family well.

So wherever you shop, make sure you ask at customer service about what their coupon policy is and whether or not they accept competitors coupons and/or price match other stores’ ads.

That way, you can maximize your savings, but still shop at the store you’re used to.


  1. I know it varies from store to store, Donna, which is why I was so excited to discover this policy at the Publix in Belle Meade!