Quaver Music Mondays Week 2: Tempo & Rhythm

by Sami

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Welcome back to Quaver Music Mondays on SamiCone.com! It’s week 2, which means we’re exploring tempo & rhythm this week.

We found ourselves on the road unexpectedly today to visit a sick family member in Florida, so our weekly music lesson is already turning out to be atypical. But still, since I brought our Quaver DVDs in the van, the kids were able to watch the second DVD (containing lessons 3 & 4) while we were on the road!

I also photocopied some of the worksheets from the Teacher’s Guide for the kids to work on after watching the DVDs and in typical Cone kid fashion, they got creative as always.

One thing I love about Quaver is that the passion behind the product is equal to the quality of education contained in the product. What this means is that these lessons are equally applicable and adaptable for kids as young as pre-schoolers all the way through secondary education. There are also so many practical suggestions for putting the lessons into action that often require little else besides your own two hands and some imagination!

Case in point this week:
When learning about tempo, you can play a variety of music tracks and have your kids clap to the beat or even hold up cards in a race to announce the correct tempo. Of course there are great games and activities on QuaverMusic.com (see below) that coincide with everything they’re watching in the DVDs.

Another reason why I think music education is so important, regardless of if you ever think your child will become a ‘musician’, is that it introduces them to and gives them a foundation for a multitude of other worthy areas of study, including linguistics, mathematics and so much more! Even though I graduated from high school 20 years ago, I can still remember specific instances throughout a variety of classes when I thought to myself, “I’m so glad my parents started me in music education when I was little!”

If you’re following along with our Quaver Music Mondays, why not let your kids check out these fun online activities at QuaverMusic.com this week:

Exploring Tempo and Rhythm with QuaverMusic.com:

Free Activities:

  • Go to the Studio and to QGrooves. Work through the interactive help menu, then do QDo Number 1 to learn how to use QGrooves!
  • Take the Metro from the QuaverMusic.com homepage to the Pop music venue at Wembley Stadium! Click the boombox and learn one of the songs using the karaoke machine. Sing it while stepping or dancing out the beat.

Premium Features:

  • Use QuaverNotes to buy the hip-hop or techno drum loops from the Store for QGrooves. Using these, create 16 measure drum tracks at Largo, Moderato and Presto tempos. Create rhymes, raps, and useful mnemonics to the rhythm. See which tempos work the best for that kind of thing.



What did your kids learn from last week? Do you feel QuaverMusic.com is a viable online resource for helping teach kids about music?

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